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It’s great to meet you!

Your time is important to me, so let’s first make sure you’re where you need to be. Have a read below and if it resonates, then you’ve come to the right place. Click the button to book your FREE 20-minute consultation.


The Holistic Parent Sinead C Kavanagh Parenting Talks
  • Are you an expectant 35 yr plus soon-to-be parent? I’ve been there. Let me share with you.
  • Are you a career professional used to the 9-5pm high-powered work environment? I understand your situation. Let me help you.
  • Is your parenting knowledge limited? You aren’t alone with that. All parents have been there. Let me support you.
  • Are you concerned about your lack of real experience with babies? You know more than you realise. Let me show you.
  • Are you worried about your parenting skills and abilities? You’ve gotten this far in life. I believe in you.
  • Are you torn between wanting a family and wanting your career? You can have both. Let’s plan together.
  • Do you have gremlins from your own life that are niggling at you? We all do, you are not alone. We can all heal and grow.
  • Are you alone – family are far away or distant in other ways? It happens for many of us. Let’s create a village for you.
  • Are you wondering how you can best support your partner during pregnancy? There are lots of ways. I can guide you.
  • Are you worried you won’t be able to cope? That’s natural. All parents worry. Let’s figure it out together.
  • Are you worried about feeling alone or being alone as new parents? It’s a common feeling and reality. I can be part of your village.

As a parent myself, I know only too well the immense love and meaning, children bring to our lives but am also aware of the stress, tears, worries and sleepless nights.

I understand the many questions parents have, the constant self-doubt and guilt that comes with the different stages of childrearing and family life in general. However, we often just need our village to get through. You know, the village that helps us raise our children. In Irish or Gaeilge, we have a word ‘meitheal’. It means ‘team’. I like to think of it in the parenting context as a ‘community’ or ‘tribe’ – our very own village. With our tribe we thrive.

When we are listened to and are heard, have the right support for ourselves and the space to grow, we can cope with the tasks and responsibilities that come with parenting. It isn’t just our children who are growing each day. As parents, we are constantly learning and growing into our role.  None of us have ever been right here, before. It is important that we have a village. Parenting is not a journey to go on alone.

Take the first step to parenting with confidence and a sense of peace, right now...

I invite you to Book a FREE 20-min Consultation with me to chat about the issues you are experiencing and how best I can help. A problem shared really is a problem halved. Please don’t feel alone. The road ahead will present as many difficulties as delights and as many hardships as moments of heart-warming bliss. That journey really is a fuller experience when you have company.

Allow me become part of YOUR village, as you raise your child. I look forward to helping you experience every moment of wonder and awe, as you embark on your new relationship with your child.

With Love,

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