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“Empathically, Educating Employees About Positive, Pragmatic Parenting”

"Be the kind of employer who celebrates their employees’ lives.
That includes family and understanding the needs of parents who work for you."
The Holistic Parent

Throughout my career, I have extensive experience delivering workshops and seminars in the corporate sector. From ‘in-house, product-focused’ training and delivery to soft skills development and wellness programmes, I have worked not only in the corporate sector but also in the general private, public and SME sectors.

Now, as The Holistic Parent, using my previous professional and academic experience, I bring my parent mentoring and education workshops to organisations and corporates. In this way I can support your employees who are parents or aspire to-be-parents. I can also provide education for leaders, in respect of the needs of their employees who are juggling parenthood and a successful career.

The Holistic Parent corporate parenting talks Leinster Ireland
The Holistic Parent corporate parenting employee webinars

Work-life balance is hugely important to all employees, not just those who are parents, and particularly in our current lifetime. The knock-on effect of lockdowns, isolation from loved ones, restrictions to familial and social networks, working from home and online schooling, all highlight the importance for employers to fully support their staff in any way they can. The drive for ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ initiatives is increasingly weekly and many businesses and corporations take this ethos very seriously, which is really fantastic news for employees.

"Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so that they don’t want to."
Richard Branson

The ways in which we as a society, support staff has to vary as one-size-does-NOT-fit all. Therefore as an organisation, it is useful to have a number of tools, strategies and programmes available to you. The Holistic Parent can bring a focus on not just parent mentoring and education but also the greater aspect of personal development. I combine many of the soft skills aspects of personal development with my parenting work, which sees my clients delve into not just their parenting styles and skills, but also their own ‘modus operandi’ if you like.

This insight and increased level of self-awareness permeates all aspects of their lives, which in turn benefits the organisation. As staff become more attuned to their strengths and areas which require further exploration and work, it means the programmes are a win-win for all concerned.

The Holistic Parent corporate parenting speaker ireland
The Holistic Parent corporate employee parenting talks Ireland

What does working with The Holistic Parent look like?

I provide one-to-one programmes as part of an employee assistance suite, or group webinars, lunch-and learn-sessions, programmes and workshops, dependent on what the organisation’s needs are. I can also tailor services to suit your particular business.

My background in psychology, learning, training & development and holistic health & wellbeing combined with over 25 years’ experience cross the four major working sectors, mean I have a unique skillset, to bring to your organisation for the benefit of your employees.

Based in Co. Meath in the Republic of Ireland, I use technology which allows me to be available on a global scale. Organisations around the world can support their employees, with the help and input of a straight-talking Irish parent mentor and educator. Everyone benefits empathic and compassionate, yet pragmatic and practical, support and guidance. I support not only parents but anyone in your organisation in need of one. We all need to learn how to ‘parent’ ourselves at times. With webinars, through a variety of software platforms, replacing the cost of travel and accommodation this means expenditure is on the substance, not the sundries.

The Holistic Parent employee parenting talks Dublin Kildare Louth Meath Ireland
The Holistic Parent employee parenting workshop Dublin Louth Meath Kildare Ireland


Prices begin at €999* (1hr webinar, 30-min topic with 30-min Q&A). All webinars, workshops and programmes come with a variety of supporting resources such as :-

  • Access to the content of the service, in recorded format for 2 weeks following
  • Email facilitation support during the duration of the specific programme
  • Access to the FREE online community of The Holistic Parent Village
  • 15% Discount for employees on ALL THP Programmes, 1-2-1’s and Private Membership

To book your Corporate Parenting Talk, click below and submit as much detail about your current needs, as possbile.

Sample Programmes & Workshops

Below is a list of some of the ‘ready-made’ programmes I have available however bespoke programmes can also be tailored to the needs of your organisation.


  • The 4Ps (Preparation for Parenthood in Pregnancy Programme) & NNNP (Nurturing Newborns and New Parents)
  • BiAS© Programme
  • Modelling Behaviours
  • Communication & Connection
  • Connection NOT Collection
  • Family & FRamily© Dynamics
  • Parenting the Parents
  • Education & Autonomy
  • Parenting & Leadership
  • Management & Control
  • Modelling Behaviours
  • Healthy Boundaries, formation and modelling
  • Self-Efficacy & Resilience
  • Locus of Control
  • Tackling Teens (teen-aged specific for parents, Self-Awareness; BiAS© Programme; Communication & Connections; Relationships, Family & FRamily Dynamics)
The Holistic Parent corporate parenting workshops Dublin Louth Kildare Meath Ireland


  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Workshops & Programmes Facilitator
  • Corporate Events’ Guest Speaker
  • Social Functions Guest Speaker

The Holistic Parent can support parents globally!

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Contact Me Today in Confidence to Discuss Your Requirements

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