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Hi, I am Sinead C Kavanagh, solo parent, creative, life-long learner and positive psychology enthusiast. I am parent to one teenager, landlord to two spoiled cats and a lover of humans and the earth. I laugh daily, smile a lot and frequently embrace the child within. That is one of my proudest traits. Remembering the child within. I am also a parent mentor, parent educator, writer and inspiring, motivational speaker.

My lived experience has equipped me with some useful life skills, such as resilience, self-efficacy, and an internalised locus of control. Coming from a large Irish family, where connections were not positives ones, I also learned from a young age, the importance of personal autonomy. These are all tools that I use in life and in my work.

I’ve studied in one form or another, for most of my life. For me, everyday is a learning day. Every experience whether it’s a good one or not, is one to use for growth, to evolve and develop as a person. I am empathic, so I feel and see people on an emotional level. As a child that meant I could pick up on the nuances of human nature quite easily. As an adult I use that incredible gift to the benefit of those I love and those I work with.

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"We cannot be all things to all people but we can be honest to ourselves."
The Holistic Parent

We all have inherent traits that form part of our blueprint for life. I own mine lovingly and with pride, but it wasn’t always that way. I’ve spent a large part of my adult life reframing the messages that came to me throughout my childhood.  For example, I feel deeply and strongly, as I’ve said, ‘emotionally’. To those for whom emotions feel too big and make them uncomfortable, I have been called ‘dramatic’, ‘unstable’ or ‘over-emotional’.

For those who shy away from honesty and their true selves, my curiousity has been labelled ‘nosey’, or ‘interfering’. These are negatives used to project the discomfort that my enquiring mind can sometimes generate. I have learned we cannot be all things to all people, but for those who want to make change, my empathy and curiousity is invaluable to their growth.

I am a quick thinker and generally a doer. A ‘shit-or-get-off-the-pot’ kind of person. Don’t keep talking about it, unless you’re going to do something about it. But again, it has taken work to get to this point and in the process, it means some people get me, some don’t, and that’s absolutely okay. Not everyone can move along as quickly as I do. Sometimes my brain is on the next task before my hands have finished the first. I put that down to an abundance of self-sufficiency – too much sometimes!

"To Thine Own Self Be True"
(from Hamlet), William Shakespeare

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I like to think that as each year passes and new lessons are learned; as I grow and develop as a human, the benefits are felt within my family, including myself. Sharing knowledge is such a powerful gift and one I give willingly, with ease, to those who want it. Although I have been known to share it unwittingly too, but with love, to those who don’t! 

That is what The Holistic Parent is about – a source of shared knowledge, empathic support and care, human connection at a time when many are afraid of getting too close, most importantly to THEMSELVES! In life when we experience challenges or struggles it is often easier to busy ourselves in distractions because we don’t feel equipped or no longer recognise ourselves, not realising how well we really can cope and even thrive.

Come and join me, engage in a programme, use some of the resources, join The Holistic Parent Village through the VIP membership. Work with me, to find YOU and let those you love experience the benefits.

With love,

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