The Holistic Parent Village

“Holding A Safe Space And
Providing Resources From ‘The Village”

The Holistic Parent Village (THP Village) is a genuine, safe and private online community space within Facebook, where every member works together, raising ourselves and our children to be the best human beings we can be. Collaboration is a key word within The Holistic Parent Village, as collaboration means to work together on a project or activity. In this case collaboration means raising wonderfully inclusive, healthy and loved humans.

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In The Holistic Parent Village, that collaboration occurs through shared experiences, shared knowledge and shared genuine care. As one person, I cannot possibly – no matter how much I would like to; fix the woes of the world. What I can do however is provide a community where together through pooled resources, shared wisdom and togetherness, we create a safe space for everyone to, learn, change and grow.

"Sometimes we need someone to just be there, for us.
Not to change anything but to let us feel loved, cared for and supported."
The Holistic Parent

The Holistic Parent online parenting support group

I use Facebook as my chosen social media platform because it’s easy enough to use and most have access to it. Within The Holistic Parent Village online community there are two formats, a FREE group and a PAID membership group.

    • Within the FREE group, there are regular chats and check-ins at times to suit, no matter what your schedule or where in the world you are. It is a community filled with like-minded people who are all parenting in various forms.
    • It is a fully inclusive space, welcoming all who want to be there, regardless of how your parenting journey has started or is progressing. Our chats and check-ins are a free Zoom resource for everyone.
    • There are many topics covered, and members are encouraged to reach out to each other through the Facebook group or the FB Group ‘Rooms’ function. This is ideal for discussing topics specific to your needs and for inviting others in a similar situation, to come together and find solutions or simply solidarity.
    • I am live in this group at least once a week, providing a new learning tip, or an update on what is happening in THP Village and The Holistic Parent wider space.
    • The private membership group is The Holistic Parent VIP Village
    • Included in the cost of many of the THP programme, is access to the group’s Silver Plan for 3 months following completion of the individual learning programme*.
    • There you can converse and collaborate with others who have also availed of THP programmes, as well as participate in the monthly online Zoom events which are both educational and social in nature.
    • The Private Membership group, just like the free group is by nature supportive and safe with the added benefit of having access to me in person, via monthly calls. These calls are either group calls where each person has their own 15-minute slot or private one-one calls, depending on your membership plan.
    • There are two plans in THP VIP Village, silver and gold (see below).
The Holistic Parent private facebook parenting support group
The Holistic Parent it takes a village parenting support group

Whether we meet in the free space or the THP VIP Village, we each take away from it as much as we are willing to put in. Knowledge is only powerful when it is shared and my aim is to make both the Free and the Paid Membership group at The Holistic Parent, a positively, powerful, community-spirited space for all members, where everyone can have a place at the table. In our village everyone is always welcome, and no-one goes hungry for care or love.

Throughout my work, I am compassionate and empathic, supporting my clients in a pragmatic and practical way. This is same approach I take to the running of The Holistic Parent Community Groups.

“When you love yourself, it’s easy for others to love you”.

The Holistic Parent VIP Village Memberships

THP VIP Silver Membership* – €399 p.a.


  • Full Access to The Holistic Parent VIP Village
  • 3 x 45mins 1-2-1 mentoring calls per year (worth €300)
  • Weekly Zoom live topic, 15-min 1-2-1 hotseats, first come first served, (i.e. up to 15 x 15min additional calls p.a = 3hrs 45mins 1-2-1 per year extra valued at €500)
  • Monthly Zoom social and connect night, (includes your spouse or partner, they’re parents too after all!)
  • Regular newsletter updates
  • Email support service with guaranteed 72-hour reply
  • Access to all video tutorial content exclusive to the VIP Village
  • Access to additional resources and worksheets
  • Inclusion in THP Partner discount club
THP VIP Gold Membership* – €699 p.a.


  • Everything that is included in the Silver Plan above PLUS
  • 3 EXTRA x 45-mins 1-2-1 mentoring calls per year (worth an additional €300, €600 in total)
  • Weekly Zoom live topic, 15-min 1-1 hotseats, with guaranteed jump-the-queue (i.e. up to 25 x 15min additional calls p.a = 6hrs 15mins 1-2-1 per year extra valued at €833)
  • Monthly Zoom social and connect night with option to feature business showcase (includes your spouse or partner, they’re parents too after all!)
  • Email support service with guaranteed 24-hour reply

*The VIP Plans are still under development however the stated structure will be the minimum standard for 2022

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