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“Nurturing Family Connections Across the Lifespan”

Some questions you might find yourself asking when it comes to your family

  • I am trying to figure out what is best for my family when times are difficult. Can a family support mentor or coach help me?
  • My relatives live far away. How can I create loving relationships between my children and our families?
  • Raising teenagers is hard. They don’t want to be around us. How can we connect with them?
  • How do I juggle taking care of my own family when I am caring for elderly family members now too?
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For parents who are navigating the complications and challenges of family dynamics across the lifespan, a family mentor providing practical and pragmatic support, counsel, advice and tips can help you. Read on to find out how Irish family mentor and relationship coach, Sinead, The Holistic Parent, can help your family.

Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

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My clients are parents and families navigating their way through the journey of life. Through each period of development, from birth to passing there are challenges, celebrations, hardships, and triumphs. Although much of my work focuses on newborns & infants and supporting the parents who care for them, it is difficult not to have a crossover into other areas of family dynamics.

We all need to be seen, heard, and acknowledged

An extension of that work occurs when there are more living in the home or in the immediate network, than the parents and newborn. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles and even cousins through the course of my work with newborns and transitioning. So effectively even when I am working with a newborn I am also working with their entire family.

The Holistic Parent parents and teenagers relationship coach

It is not unusual to discover at times that the issues which are presenting in one area, are being influenced or are having a knock-on effect in other areas of family life. It is from these situations, my work with families and family connections comes about. Humans are complex beings – our personalities, characteristics, and traits, are unique. Whether it is the stretching for space or the need to be heard, family relationships and dynamics are fascinating. They are both compatible at times while at others explosively oppositional.

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What does working with The Holistic Parent look like?

My Families* Programme is designed to ascertain the issues, collaborate to develop interventions which will help and work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for your family. The programme is designed to work in sets of three, each set being a building block to greater strength in the relationships.

Where these sessions are conducted via Zoom, each person is required to have their own connective device for the session. 

This means working from differing spaces, which allows freedom of communication, improves the interaction and it also works better for the technology as it reduces feedback from microphones and speakers.


The Families Programme is currently €479*. This includes : –

  • 3 x 1hr 30mins weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Includes 3 months Silver VIP Membership to The Holistic Parent Village
  • Ongoing email support during the duration
  • Access to additional online learning and information resources

*prices relate to online sessions only. Please contact us for in-person appointments

^Family means up to four family members

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The Holistic Parent family support counsellor

Some families are created in different ways but are still, in every way, a family

Families nowadays are formed in lots of different ways and this means that blended families, mixes of several different traditions, cultures, and ideas, can make for interesting dynamics too.

In every village, cultures, ideas and traditions are important. The adults who support and care for the vulnerable in the community, need to possess many traits. It is just the same within the family unit. I bring the growth and exploration of those important and necessary traits, into my family education and mentoring programmes. Insight is not exclusive to age, for there is a lot to be learned from the simplistic nature of children, however it takes wisdom to recognise it. I support and assist families from those with newborns and infants to teenagers and beyond, as they become self-aware, self-confident, and empathic towards themselves and in turn each other.

It is said it takes a village to raise a child.

I care deeply and am passionate about being one of those adults needed in every village. Allow me to become part of your village as you navigate family life, through all its challenges, joys, and memorable moments. When you know you are supported on the journey of life, it makes the road ahead that bit easier.

I am based in Co. Meath, Ireland but am accessible worldwide and it is always especially nice to work with Irish families abroad.

The Holistic Parent holistic families Ireland
The Holistic Parent parent and child relationship mentoring

The Holistic Parent can support parents globally!

I believe learning about how The Holistic Parent helps families is important to you, in building trust and confidence in my work. Take a look at the case study below to learn how The Holistic Parent, can help your family.

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Families Case Study

I will preface this particular case study with the information that initially I was contacted to work with Lily, the youngest child of Ella & Marie who as a seven-week-old newborn, was experiencing digestive issues including severe constipation. Through working with Lily, Ella, and Marie, I became aware of their situation.

Name:     Kelly-Fitzpatrick Families* – Couple, Ella & Marie, Marie’s Mum Mary, and Marie’s sibling Jamie (aged 19)

The Holistic Parent end of life family support
The Holistic Parent caring for elderly family members

Scenario: Ella & Marie (parents, 31 & 28) with two children, Lily (1) and Sam (3) living in their home with grandparent Mary (56, recently separated), and youngest child of Mary and sibling of Marie, Jamie (19) – three generations but four stages of life – challenges with space and respect.

This case study was complex.     In this instance, the four family members each needed to be heard, whilst being mindful of the two small children.

Ella & Marie’s concerns were in relation to Jamie’s social arrangements and the disruption to the household, particularly arriving in late at night.

Marie’s individual concerns were about being caught in the middle of everyone and being the ‘common denominator.

Ella’s individual concerns were about feeling like an intruder at times when Marie’s family dynamics are in full swing and not wanting their children to be subjected to arguments amongst the people they love.

Mary’s concerns related also to Jamie’s social arrangements but from the point of view of being parent to a young adult who was the last child at home and witness the breakdown of the marriage and does not always see eye-to-eye with either Jamie or Marie & Ella.

Jamie’s concerns were about trying to please everyone but feeling like they never get it right, doesn’t really want to live with the family but doesn’t have many options at present.

When we are in the midst of the ‘fire’ or fear, it isn’t always possible to see the bigger picture. It is in this way The Holistic Parent can help. By supporting and collaborating with you, you can get busy with parenting like an expert. Whether it is just you as a solo parent or if you are parenting with a whole village of extended family members, The Holistic Parent can provide the space you need to feel strong and confident in your parenting.

The Holistic Parent nurturing family relationships love

Action:  The facts of everyone’s relationship and needs had to be put out on the table.

The family had never actually dissected the issues and looked at the big picture, together. It was hard for everyone, as no-one wanted to be the ‘bad guy’ and address the elephant in the room either. Equally everyone wanted and needed to be heard.

There were a lot of emotions involved in this case, however that was not the  focus of my work as those issues are best dealt with through actual psychological individual or family therapy.

The focus of the work here was to establish functional, living arrangements which worked for everyone as best they could, considering everyone’s needs.

From the outset an agreement was made amongst the four, that the children came first and that meant the adults needed to figure out a way to communicate that was healthy and respectful. Each family member emailed me with a list of their needs and their wishes. My job was to look at the big picture and see how most if not all could be incorporated and how.

Outcome:  This case required six sessions. Interestingly the email exercise resulted in each family member effectively wanting the same thing, so the needs were very practical. Communication improved, harmony was established, and everyone was able to move forward with clarity and an openness in their communication. A big part of the issue was that Mary had moved in with Jamie following her separation but there was no clear plan as to whether it was permanent or temporary and no-one wanted to bring it up!

Follow Up:  Mary went on to complete a One-to-One Programme with me which helped her to establish some plans. I also referred her on to do some therapeutic work, around the marital breakdown and her own story. Jamie also completed a One-to-One Programme with me which helped him makes plans for his education and future career. Feedback from Ella and Marie was that the children thrived with the newfound harmony in the home and as there are plans for Mary and Jamie, Ella and Marie have also been able to plan for their own family.

Lesson:   We all need to be seen, heard, and understood. If you cannot make that happen together, bring someone in who can help. The secret sauce here is objectivity. As The Holistic Parent, I can bring that to all of my work, allowing me to help you find pragmatic, practical and realistic solutions to the concerns your family have.

Footnote: A situation like the one above, is why a contract is so important, to my clients individually and each other. I cannot work with a family who will not first agree to and sign a contractual promise to themselves, to engage in the programme.

*Names changed for client privacy

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