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"A healthy outside, starts from the inside."
Robert Ulrich

Holistic living is a way of life. Holistic Health is an approach to one’s overall wellness. In choosing to live holistically we begin a life-long relationship with our own health and wellbeing. Those who care for their holistic health do so through holism. That is in viewing the self, we see each function as it relates to another and as part of the whole – the whole body, the whole system.

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The Holistic Parent holistic living Dublin Louth Meath Kildare Ireland

I am Sinead C Kavanagh, The Holistic Parent. As a holistic therapist and wellbeing advocate as well as a parent mentor, coach and educator, I believe self-awareness and self-compassion are intrinsically linked to the ethos of holistic living and maintaining one’s holistic health.

Some come to holistic health as it relates to their spiritual path and through natural therapies and practices such as meditation. Others through their approach to food and nutrition and others still, because of an inherent affinity with nature and the elements. The concept of mind, body and spirit being in balance, supports the whole of our being.

"Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, Body & Spirit."
The Holistic Parent

Regardless of how you have come to the approach of holistic health, the essence is one of recognition and acknowledgement of the important of self-awareness, self-care, and self-compassion. It means living with consideration for your whole being and demonstrating an appreciation of the wonder of nature and gratitude for our existence.

It is also the recognition and acknowledgement that to truly treat our health with a holistic approach we must examine and care for each aspect of the whole in the same way. When one area is misaligned it impacts all others, therefore, to truly feel well each aspect of the mind, body and spirit must be in good health.

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When we decide to live holistically and to therefore nurture our holistic health, we decide to feed and exercise our minds with learning and knowledge, to feed and exercise our bodies with healthy and nutritious foods, natural therapies and practices, and to feed and exercise our spirits with positive thoughts and self-love for the collective good of our whole self.

What does it look like to work with The Holistic Parent?

My Holistic Health Programme as with all my programmes begin with a set of three sessions. These can take place weekly or fortnightly (3 or 6 weeks). During the sessions we work together to determine where you feel you are and where you would like to be. Ultimately this programme is associated with feeling, i.e., how you would like to feel once you have begun your journey into holistic health and holistic living.

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The Holistic Parent raising a holistic family in Ireland

These programmes usually begin with a FREE 30-minute consultation so that you can decide what you want your new holistic lifestyle to look like and that you understand what is meant by Holistic Health & Wellbeing. Following that each hour-long session has a set process designed for maximum beneficial use of the time and will end with some independent work set. This needs to be completed in advance of the next session. By doing this independent work, it enhances your learning and the outcomes of the complete programme. Time is needed between completing programmes, I recommend approx. two-three months at least. Change does not happen overnight and so you owe it to yourself to give yourself time to see the changes occur.


The Holistic Health Programme is currently €325*. This includes : –

  • 3 x 1hr weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Includes 3 months Silver VIP Membership to The Holistic Parent Village
  • Ongoing email support during the duratioN
  • Access to additional online learning and information resources

*Prices relate to online sessions. For group programmes, community, or organisation workshops, please contact me directly to discuss package options or long-term workplace workshops (monthly).


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"When you keep a promise to yourself it is a direct reflection
of how much love and regard you hold for yourself, within."
The Holistic Parent

The Holistic Parent holistic wellness coach

It is important to acknowledge that when you undertake this programme of learning you make a contractual promise to yourself. That is to give in freely to the work and allow yourself to be open to the possibilities and learning presented. In the area of holism, and particularly holistic health it is not uncommon for personal aspects to open up, that highlight the need for more in depth work. These are for future learning and may involve other supports which I will facilitate access to where possible.

At all times, I do my utmost when providing holistic health and wellness coaching and mentoring, to ensure each aspect of your learning is fully supported in the most empathic and compassionate way possible with full cognisance of your overall holistic health and wellbeing.

Disclaimer: This programme is of a practical and pragmatic nature. It is neither therapeutic nor psychoanalytic in practice. Please note, I am not a medical practitioner, counsellor, or psychotherapist. I would never advocate the use of any practice over the importance of any prescribed medical advice. Your General Practitioner (GP) and Public Health Nurse (PHN) are responsible for your primary medical care. To this end, I also do not work with families where domestic violence or abuse, is currently an issue; or where legal separation or divorce is underway. There are more appropriate channels which better serve those clients. I will of course be happy to provide a FREE 30-minute consultation to anyone in this situation where I can pass on any number or contacts, I believe may be of assistance to you. You can book that here

The Holistic Parent can support parents globally!

Working with The Holistic Parent varies for every client. Your needs are fundamental to the learning and mentoring. Check out this case study below and see how the Holistic Health programme helped this family create a new way of living.

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Holistic Health Case Study

Preface to this case study, involved Karen undertaking the Parents Need Parents Too!” programme following her family’s return to Ireland and her husband Ronan’s recent illness. It was how the family came to know of the programme I offer in which includes holistic wellbeing and lifestyle coaching.

The Holistic Parent holistic health coach
The Holistic Parent natural holistic therapies practitioner Ireland

Name:     The Bradley* Family

Scenario: Karen* (Mum, 43) and Ronan* (Dad, 49), three children (9, 6 & 4) – lived abroad for many years, in Italy and France for Ronan’s work – only experienced apartment living – returned to Ireland permanently – purchased home complete with gardens – Ronan took semi-retirement, following illness, – Ronan and Karen wanted to care for their relationship and create more balance in their lives – both were interested in holistic parenting – felt raising their children in Ireland with a holistic lifestyle would benefit them

Action:   Karen, Ronan and I worked together initially to determine the look of their holistic way of life – factored practicalities and realities – involved the children and their views – project planned – timeline created -focused on environment, nature, and lifestyle

Outcome:  We used the first three sessions to put a lot of work into the practical and planning phases. The project structure and timeline were created at the end of this period. A further three sessions were carried out two months later which brough together their research and began to focus in on the individual areas and the requirements of each.

The Holistic Parent holistic parenting coach
The Holistic Parent raising holistic children in Ireland

Follow Up:  Following the end of six sessions over six months, we had a follow up session to see how far along the project was and to ‘tweak’ any areas that had evolved.

Lesson:   With any change of lifestyle, there is hard work involved. It’s not just the labour of creating a garden or the brain drain of researching different methods of doing things. There is also the necessity to shift perspective, change thought processes and revisit aspirations to ensure the alignment is right and the focus is where it needs to be. The lesson here is anything worthwhile takes hard work and change. If you’re prepared to invest in both, the results are fantastic.

*Names changed for client privacy

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