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“Because Even Parents Need Parenting Sometimes”

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • Everyone else seems to be able to parent easily. Why do I find it so difficult?
  • Why do I feel torn about being a parent but wanting more for myself?
  • I feel so alone in my decision making. Why is it all up to me?
  • I don’t feel I measure up when I compare myself to other parents?

For parents who seek to re-establish confidence in their abilities as a parent and as a person, or would like to learn more, obtain advice and grow holistically, read on.

The Holistic Parent Mentor

Parents are the ultimate role model for children. Every word, movement and action have an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than a parent. - Bob Keeshan (TV Producer & Entertainer)

The Holistic Parent dealing with domestic violence

Hi, I am Sinead C Kavanagh, The Holistic Parent. I am an experienced parent, parent mentor and consultant, based in Co. Meath, Ireland. I work and collaborate with parents and parenting experts all over the world. Our aim is to support parents, the people behind the role, as they raise their children.

My focus is on supporting parents who are transitioning with newborns into home and family life. That work invariably also entails supporting those parents as people, as they explore their sense of self, and care for themselves. Because of this, I have developed the ‘Parents Need Parents Too!’ parent mentoring and support programme which is a way to assist parents who need some pragmatic and practical guidance within the context of being a parent, and as a person.

The most important aspect of this parent mentoring programme is the concept that our modelled behaviours have a huge impact on our children’s learning in childhood and in that one element alone, when fully acknowledged and understood, is sufficient reason for everyone to want to explore their own ‘methods of being’, a little further.

What makes me qualified to work with you as The Holistic Parent?

On a practical level, you need to feel secure in the knowledge that I have your holistic wellness and privacy at heart. I can assure you of this as I have lived holistically for the greater part of my adult life. I have held an affinity to nature and the elements since childhood and have been a practising holistic health practitioner for over 16 years. I believe in an ethos of honesty and trust and I hold myself accountable to both, sincerely, when we work together.

But here is the bit you really need to hear. I am qualified to work with you as The Holistic Parent because I am also a parent.

I have a lived experience that covers all kinds of life scenarios and challenges, from pregnancy and birth to loss, death and grief. I have first-hand experience of childhood abuse and coping with domestic violence, dysfunctional family connections, chronic illness and trauma, therapy, dealing with financial poverty, unsuccessful business ventures and unsuccessful relationships, job loss, unemployment, and business start-ups. Did I mention therapy? – Single or solo parenting, legal wrangling and court battles, insurance claims, familial legal protocols and processes, parenting my parents, cancer-care, dementia-care, the heartbreak that is fertility treatment, blended families … oh and of course … therapy! 😉

The Holistic Parent overcoming domestic violence parent support

The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example. - Drew Barrymore

The Holistic Parent single parenting advice Ireland

However, it is not all doom and gloom. I also have first-hand experience of great personal growth, the joys of the parenting journey, the love and nurturing of healthy boundaries and healthy behaviours, the ability to teach and educate, a life filled with great memories of music, the arts, the outdoors and life, the ability to laugh and love, friendships, a wonderful fRamily (those friends who become family), great resilience and an uncanny, continuous ability to see the bright side and thrive, the autonomy of self-employment, creative abilities which remain unstifled, an ongoing curiosity about nature, human beings and the biology of all things, the freedom to explore and express myself honestly and whole-heartedly, relatively good health, and above all else the most beautiful of relationships with my increasingly amazing daughter who each day teaches me a little bit more about myself and a little bit more of how little I really know.

I am passionate about the work I do and can assure you of my commitment to supporting you as you explore your own self-awareness and self-love.

Disclaimer: Please note, I am not a medical practitioner, counsellor, or psychotherapist. I would never advocate the use of any practice over the importance of any prescribed medical advice. Your General Practitioner (GP) and Public Health Nurse (PHN) are responsible for your primary medical care. To this end, I also do not work with families where domestic violence or abuse, is currently an issue; or where legal separation or divorce is underway. There are more appropriate channels which better serve those clients. I will of course be happy to provide a FREE 30-minute consultation to anyone in this situation where I can pass on any number or contacts, I believe may be of assistance to you. You can book that here

What does working with The Holistic Parent look like?

My parent mentoring and support programme called ‘Parents Need Parents Too!’ starts with a block of three sessions. Based on the progress achieved during these three sessions, we can together evaluate if more sessions are needed, and you can decide to continue the work for a longer period. Alternatively, you can take a break and come back after a few weeks or months and take on another three sessions. I do not provide single sessions, as nothing much can be achieved in a single sitting.

The Holistic Parent solo parenting parent support

The personal, independent work you do in between the sessions will determine how much you gain from each week’s learning. When you choose to undertake the Parents Need Parents Too! programme with The Holistic Parent, you will make a contractual promise to yourself, to give yourself the chance to thrive and be open to the possibilities.

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The Parents Need Parents Too! Programme is currently €299*. This includes :-

  • 3 x 1hr weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Access to The Free Holistic Parent Village Private FB Group
  • Discounted Silver or Gold Membership to The Holistic Parent VIP Village
  • Ongoing email support during the duration
  • Access to additional online learning and information resources

*Prices relate to online sessions


The Holistic Parent can support parents globally!

Learning about how The Holistic Parent could help you may help you feel more confident in your decision to book. Take a look at the case study below.

The Holistic Parent experienced parenting support consultant

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Parent Support Case Study

Name:     Frank* (Dad of 3, mid-50’s)

Scenario: Recently widowed (1 year) – three children – worried about his job and managing the home – helping the children to deal with their loss – trying to cope with his own loss – was attending a grief counsellor but felt he needed to ‘return to the land of the living’ (his own words). – felt he benefited from grief counselling – had come to terms with his loss – had a couple of tasks put off but wanted done

The Holistic Parent parenting dealing with challenging times
The Holistic Parent coping with chronic illness

Action:  Held the space for Frank to vocalise his needs – created an action plan for moving forward – created a timeline for completing the necessary tasks – explored ways for Frank to do what needed to be done efficiently and effectively

Outcome:  Frank needed to regain clarity and order of his own life and that of his family – completed three sessions together with a further commitment for at least one follow up session eight weeks after the third session to review how Frank’s plans had progressed.

Follow Up:  At the 14-week follow up session, Frank was happy that the bulk of the important tasks had been completed – felt good about his progress and the children’s acceptance of all that needed to be done. Frank returned to me six months after completing the Parents Need Parents Too! programme, to do a One-to-One programme and explore his options for the future as he considered early retirement from his government job and a career change.

Lesson:   The lesson in this case study was that time is important when dealing with anything big, especially something where the emotional stakes are high. It is not possible to rush into any actions no matter how practical or pragmatic they may be. For Frank the lesson was giving himself the space through working with The Holistic Parent, to determine what was best for him, without other’s opinions and feelings influencing his decisions.

*Names changed for client privacy

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