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“Creating Clarity and Calm In Childhood’”

  • Is there a parenting programme that can help me?
  • How will I protect my kids as they grow up?
  • How will I support my children if they are bullied?
  • What will it be like for me to ‘let go’, as my children reach their developmental milestones?
  • How do I feel deep down about my relationship with my child and maybe even with my own parent?

Are these some of the questions you find yourself asking at times, particularly when you are struggling with parenting? Perhaps you have thought to yourself “if only there was someone qualified to help, someone experienced in parenting who is there to support me, to coach and mentor me.” Well, there is!

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Parenting is not a practice. It is a daily learning and growth experience. Remember That!

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I am Sinead C Kavanagh, The Holistic Parent and am a qualified, experienced parenting mentor who can support your parenting, through the positive Parenting Programme and workshops.

As parents we are our own worst critic and our own worst friend at times. The idea of putting the oxygen mask on first does not always strike us as the most obvious choice in a difficult situation. Very often we are so busy fighting the fire we don’t realise we have become surrounded by it, until feelings like overwhelm, loss of control or lack of confidence slip in. With all these there can be a deep-rooted fear. What if I am not able for parenting??? 

Fear can be a debilitating emotion as a parent. It interferes with our decision making, it clouds our judgement and can get in the way of our ability to thrive in this beautiful life role. Have you ever felt afraid as a parent?


I know that I have, and, in those moments, I have needed someone to be there, who I could talk to, know my worries are heard and feel supported. Support is not always about ‘fixing’ things. Most often, we simply need some space and help to figure things out. You see its usually easier for someone on the outside, looking in, to see what is really going on. That external view, especially and very importantly a non-judgemental view, is invaluable in helping ourselves to grow, develop and learn as a parent.

When we are in the midst of the ‘fire’ or fear, it isn’t always possible to see the bigger picture. That is how I help as The Holistic Parent. By supporting and collaborating with you, you can get busy with parenting like an expert. Whether it is just you as a solo parent or if you are parenting with a whole village of extended family members, as The Holistic Parent I can provide the space you need to feel strong and confident in your parenting.

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What does working with The Holistic Parent look like?

Working with me, The Holistic Parent, provides you with the opportunity to gain an objective and unemotive perspective of your own parenting situation. When we work together, trust is implicit. Whatever is spoken of, is between us, and is solely for the purpose of making the necessary changes or growth in development needed, for you to parent the way you have always wanted to.

This programme, just like all others offered by The Holistic Parent is all about self-awareness, which in turn lends itself to more attuned awareness of the parenting situation.

The Parenting Programme ‘Creating Calm and Clarity in Childhood’ starts with three sessions. It is a single course. For some this is enough, for others it may be enough for now. For others still it may be the beginning of a period of learning, change and growth. No matter which, the most important aspect of these three sessions is to have a plan we can work with, follow, and see the results.

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Week 1 is about assessing the situation and discussing the desired outcomes.
Week 2 looks at recognising where the shifts and changes can occur.
Week 3 reviews the start of those new interventions.

Ultimately the work is about together, achieving the best possible outcomes for your family. The sessions are fortnightly, to give you time to use the new knowledge. Then it’s up to you.

You may decide to continue for another course. Some parents do so, on a fortnightly basis. I recommend a maximum of 3 consecutive courses at which point you would take a break for at least two months, to see how things are settling for you all in your new routines. The work we do is an intervention, not the solution. The solution is how YOU use the knowledge and learning in your plan going forward.

There is no limit to the number of times we can work together. Many parents return frequently to The Holistic Parent for additional support as they navigate the various stages and milestones of child and personal development. Some parents even come back for themselves and use the Parent Support Programme (Parents Need Parents Too!) or One-to-One (1-2-1 Development) offerings, simply for themselves.

Each situation differs but, in all cases, the holistic element is key. It must be about what works best for YOU in YOUR life, for YOUR family. This is what will drive the work.

As with all my programmes, when you choose to select the Parenting Programme, you are making a contractual promise to yourself, to give yourself the opportunity to thrive and be open to all the possibilities. You are ready for this, so book your programme now by emailing .



The Parenting Programme is currently €349*. For this you will receive: –

  • 3 x 1hrs 30mins sessions
  • Includes 3 months Silver VIP Membership to The Holistic Parent Village
  • Ongoing email support during the duration
  • Access to additional online learning and information resources

*Price relates to online sessions


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The Holistic Parent can support parents globally!

It is helpful to hear how others have got on with The Holistic Parent Parenting Programme, so scroll on to take a look at the sample case study below. It demonstrates how issues can be resolved through working with me. Afterwards you can view some testimonials from parents with whom I have worked.

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Parenting Case Study

Name:     Carl* (Child), Sue* & Gar* (Parents)

Scenario: Carl is quite a clingy four-year-old – parents report having difficulties when using babysitters for a night out – Carl will not settle and works himself into a distressed state when things are not going as planned for him.

Action:   Behaviours are usually a message about something else. We react or behave based on what came just before the behaviour. Using the ABC methodology, time was spent watching Carl navigate challenging scenarios which would be commonplace at home. The aim was to see the type of reaction Carl experiences and to provide interventions which would assist better communication between the children and the adults.

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Outcome:  Parents Sue & Gar received 1-2-1 parenting support and mentoring during six sessions, to explore the possibilities of what long-term interventions would work for Carl given his individual circumstances. The recognition and new understanding of Carl’s behaviours helped parents Sue & Gar to see the world from Carl’s point of view and support the changes that needed to be made.

Follow Up:  Following up with Carl and his parents, Carl was developing into a very curious almost-5 yr. old with little or no traces of his previous difficulties just six months earlier. As his parents have gained knew knowledge about the ABC method and have learned how to help Carl self-regulate, Sue & Gar have managed to get away for a couple of days, with the separation much stronger on their part this time, than on Carl’s.

Lesson:   Self-regulation is key for all of us as human beings. When we can feel safe in   our world, there is no looking back. For you as a parent, the lesson here is when    the kids do not look back, you are doing a great job!

 *Names changed for client privacy

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