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“Education Begins At Home.
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Working with schools and colleges is a privilege for any parent mentor or parenting educator. The communities surrounding centres of formal education are filled with enormous expertise and wisdom. It is always a real treat to work with school managements, teachers, specialists and parents, with the common goal being the welfare and education of young people. Particularly in second level, this is at a time when students are most open to learning and the possibilities.

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"Together we may give our children roots to grow and wings to fly."
Jane D. Hull (politician & educator)

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Childhood is the time when we lay down the foundations for our future lives, within families, communities, and the wider society. There is extensive research which confirms the importance of healthy, positive experiences in childhood, being fundamental in the establishment of healthy boundaries and behaviours which benefit us in adulthood.

As educational establishments, supporting your students and parent body, I understand and appreciate your school’s aim in providing suitable programmes of personal development and education for everyone in the school community. To this end, as The Holistic Parent, I support your endeavours to bring education to all and feel sure that the programmes I offer will add to and enhance that learning.

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to
a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents."
Jane D. Hull (politician & educator)

Throughout my career, I have engaged in education continuously as a learner first and foremost but as a human being and as a parent. The power of education has always intrigued me and fed my curiosity. Generating and nurturing this curiosity in children is vital to their continued engagement in education. I believe firmly that parents are intrinsic in fostering this curiosity. A strong, healthy and committed partnership that is built up between parents and school bodies, will provide the wrap around approach needed to help our children flourish.

At The Holistic Parent, one of my keywords when discussing the work I do, is the Irish word, meitheal. It means work team, gang or party. I have long advocated that it really does take a village to raise a child and that means everyone working together to support and protect childhood. As The Holistic Parent, I represent a member of that team or village and provide part of the wrap around support that every child, parent and family needs to navigate the sometimes stormy waters of child development.

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School and formal education is important for every child. Not only providing the necessary academic development needed to thrive in society, but also to learn how to develop relationships and master the art of communication, conversation, resilience and even conflict and resolution. There are huge resources put into providing the tools and means necessary in schools, for successful academic programmes and curriculum which enhance learning and growth.

However, the difference between time children spend in school, relative to the hours they spend in their parents’ care is considerable and therefore must be recognised and acknowledged.

  • Primary School Children will spend 1,098* hours at school per year
  • Second Level Students will spend 1,169* hours at school per year

*Stats from the Department of Education & Skills

  • By these figures, this means children will spend 7,662 (Primary) or 7,591 (Second Level) hours in the care of their parents.

Where do you think the greater support is needed? Funding and resources are made available to educational establishments and professionals, to enhance their learning and understanding which in turns develops their skills to educate. Similar resources are sadly lacking for parents, who by and large have little support or resources to enhance their learning or understanding which would greatly benefit their children. This would appear to be at odds with the findings of the CFA (2013).

“At the individual family level, preventative parenting support can enhance family well-being and reduce the prevalence of problems later in a child’s life. At the community level, the provision of parenting supports can enhance the well-being of communities and promote greater social cohesion. Finally, at the societal level, support for parents can ensure a more effective use of resources, can serve to reduce inequalities, and can develop and promote human and social capital.”
Child and Family Agency, Parenting Support Strategy 2013

As The Holistic Parent, I provide some of this important support and additional resources to parents by facilitating suitable workshops and programmes through their schools’ parent groups, associations and councils or in collaboration with the Home School Liaison body of a school and the Department of Education and Skills.

I am a member of the Teaching Council of Ireland and the Psychological Society of Ireland, which in addition to my background in psychology, learning, training & development, and holistic health & wellbeing, means I am qualified, certified, and insured to work within the school setting with both students and parents.

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What does working with The Holistic Parent look like?

I provide one-to-one programmes as part of a HCSL structure, or group webinars, lunch-and-learn-sessions, programmes, and workshops, dependent on the needs of the school and its wider community. I can also tailor services to suit your particular educational establishment.

Although based in Co. Meath in the Republic of Ireland, with the use of technology I am also available on a global scale. For schools across Meath, Ireland or around the world, webinars, using a variety of software platforms have replaced the cost of travel and accommodation, which means any monies spent are on the learning and not sundry costs. Nothing beats meeting people in person though so when available that is always an option.

Your school, its students and parents will benefit from the empathic and compassionate, yet pragmatic and practical input of a straight-talking Irish parent mentor, who supports not just parents but anyone in need of one. The Holistic Parent can help. If you would like to further discuss how I can provide support, please click here to book your free 30-minute consultation call.


 Prices begin at €249* (1hr webinar, 30min topic with 30min Q&A). All webinars, workshops and programmes come with a variety of supporting resources such as :-

  • Access to the content of the webinar, in recorded format for 2 weeks following
  • Email facilitation support during the duration of the specific programme
  • Content specific cheat sheets
  • Access to the FREE online community of The Holistic Parent Village
  • 10% Discount for associated parents, on ALL THP Programmes, 1-2-1’s and Private VIP Memberships

Sample Programmes & Workshops

Below is a list of some of the ‘ready-made’ programmes I have available however bespoke programmes can also be tailored to the needs of your organisation.


  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Workshops & Programmes Facilitator
  • Corporate Events’ Guest Speaker
  • Social Functions Guest Speaker


  • BiAS© Programme
  • Modelling Behaviours in Childhood
  • Healthy Boundaries, Safe Creation & Modelling Own
  • Communication & Connection
  • Connection NOT Collection
  • Loving Language – Linguistics For Parenting
  • Methods of Affection & Connection
  • Awareness of Own Methods of Self-Expression
  • Parenting the Parents
  • Not Taking It Personally
  • Objective Emotional Support
  • Self-Awareness – Your experience is not your childrens’
  • Dangers of Living Vicariously
  • Managing the Self – to Learn & Share
  • Family & FRamily© Dynamics
  • Education & Autonomy
  • Self-Efficacy & Resilience
  • Locus of Control
  • Building Trust with Pre-Adolescents and Teenagers
  • Setting Them Up For A Fall
  • Technological Awareness & Responsibility
  • Start As You Mean To Go On
  • Create Your Blueprints
  • Think Ahead, Act Now
  • Tackling Teens (teen-aged specific for parents, Self-Awareness; BiAS© Programme; Communication & Connections; Relationships, Family & FRamily Dynamics)

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